01 December 2011

The Secret of NIMH

I hadn't heard of this movie until today and I think it looks pretty good, so i'll try to check it out in the next week or so. Made in 1982 and directed by Don Bluth.

Voice cast:
Elizabeth Hartman as Mrs. Brisby
Dom DeLuise as Jeremy
Derek Jacobi as Nicodemus
Arthur Malet as Mr. Ages
Hermione Baddeley as Auntie Shrew
John Carradine as the Great Owl
Peter Strauss as Justin
Paul Shenar as Jenner
Aldo Ray as Sullivan
Shannen Doherty as Teresa Brisby
Wil Wheaton as Martin Brisby
Jodi Hicks as Cynthia Brisby
Ian Fried as Timothy Brisby
Tom Hatten as Farmer Paul Fitzgibbons
Lucille Bliss as Mrs. Beth Fitzgibbons
Edie McClurg as Miss Right
Joshua Lawerence as Billy Fitzgibbons

A 15 minute featurete from the DVD is also available on YouTube. The final monologue from Bluth is really great. Be sure to check it out.

Also, watch this piece of comedy by Dom DeLuise talking about what comedy is... HERE

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