05 July 2010

Back To Basics - Bouncing Ball

I recently started to work on the 'lifting heavy object' animation exercise, but realised that I was still lacking some of the fundamental knowledge needed to apply in the animation, to make the whole sequence more believable. So I have gone back to the basics and to start with I am working on the bouncing ball exercise using the Flying Fox Rig because later on I can add the tail and ears.

I can see that there is not weight from this first example, so i've gone onto 11SecondClub for some feedback using the curve of my Translate Y movement.

Update - 06/07/10
I've had some feedback from 11SecondClub members now and the ball is starting to look much better. Here is the graph and video update:

Update: 07/07/10
More feedback today to say that there is too much squash and stretch, as in it is too strong. So i've gone in and reduced the amount of S&S i've applied...

Soundtrack: Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely

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David said...

Looking good!!! Keep it up!!!