30 December 2014

Searching for the Ultimate Backpack

I've spent the past few weeks researching backpacks online and in shops. It's been quite challenging to find a suitable backpack that has everything I want. Here is my requirement list:
  1. Laptop compartment (must fit 17")
  2. Camera compartment (DSLR body with lens at the very least)
  3. Real air flow back (like the mesh that separates your back from the rucksack on hiking bags)
  4. Waterproof (either a waterproof material or a handy bag to cover it)
After a lot of digging and trying different combinations of phrases in google, I finally managed to find the type of backpack i've been looking for. Here is what i've found:

Naneu K4L v2 - LINK

At first I watched a review on YouTube for the Naneu K4L. Then I went onto their website and saw they've replaced it with the v2.

This bag is amazing. It looks so versatile for taking photos on the move and also for storing everything I need for travelling on a plane and to hotels.

The only down side is that the camera compartment isn't on the side, so you can't swing the bag around for a quick grab and shoot.

It's currently priced at $240, but at the moment I can't find anywhere to buy it in the UK.

GoRuck GR1 - LINK

During my search I found this bag. It's not exactly what I was looking for but I was quite impressed by it.

This doesn't come with a camera compartment, but the bag opens up completely so it would be easy to organise my stuff, including the DSLR in its current padded bag that I have.

This bag looks tough, built to last and is priced at $295

Oakley Kitchen Sink - LINK

The name alone is a selling point, but it also looks really cool.

Some extra features here are the top which has a solid compartment for glasses or phone. At the bottom there's a compartment made especially for damp/wet shoes as it keeps it separate from the main compartment and has drain holes to let the liquid run away.

Good back airflow. Not sure how water resilient this is though.

Priced at £175

Also from Oakley, the LunchBox (£220) also has some great features and the BigKitchen has some more space.

ClikElite Klettern - LINK

I really like how stylish this is, with this vintage look.

It has a DSLR compartment, but it doesn't look very safe, secure or even big enough.

Not much room between back and backpack.

Overall not up to my standard, but really looks like a cool bag.

ClikElite have got one bag which is more suitable for me...

ClikElite Jetpack 17 - LINK

This is quite similar to the Naneu bag.

It has a camera compartment which can be detached. Loads of hidden pockets. And has a breathable back.

The down side is is that the straps don't look very comfortable for a backpack that could potentially be very heavy when full. And it doesn't have a rain cover.

ClikElite also do a Probody Sport CS which would be perfect, but unfortunately it only holds a 15" laptop.

Booq Boa Flow XL - LINK

Booq make some really well designed backpacks and this is no exception. Unfortunately, theyve discontinued it.

Looks comfortable. Water resistant material. Stylish. Camera and laptop compartments.

Again what's annoying is that it's discontinued and really hard to find.

Here are some other things I found during my research:
  • £10.79 - cool 15 card holder - LINK
  • Ogio do very nice backpacks, but couldn't find one I want because of their rubbish website design - LINK

In summary, I think it's down to these 3 in order of which I would get first:
  1. Naneu K4L v2
  2. Booq Boa Flow XL
  3. Oakley Kitchen Sink


Have also found Everki, who make some really nice products and have excellent reviews. They don't have a product exactly like what i'm looking for, but they're top quality and will consider in the future.

27 November 2014

Zelanga Productions Ident Animation

I've made another ident video, this time for the lovely people at Zelanga Productions. Check it out...

25 February 2014

Quick Tip: Deleting lots of constraints in Maya in one go

Here's a nice and simple, built in MEL command to delete all constraints in the scene:

delete -all -cn
More delete commands can be found HERE