25 February 2014

Quick Tip: Deleting lots of constraints in Maya in one go

Here's a nice and simple, built in MEL command to delete all constraints in the scene:

delete -all -cn
More delete commands can be found HERE

24 February 2014

Add/Remove Frame on Timeline Hotkey

I think it's about time I share this one. Over the past couple of years I have been using a very simple but invaluable hotkey, provided by Cameron Fielding on his blog FLIP. I use it all the time. Thanks, Cam!

// add a frame ( I have this assigned to the (hold) Alt and (press) + key )

timeSliderEditKeys addInbetween;

// remove a frame ( I have this assigned to the (hold) Alt and (press) - key )

timeSliderEditKeys removeInbetween;

Hey you! Have an update...

A very long time has passed by since I last posted on my blog. Life just got very busy towards the end of my AM course and I couldn't find the time. After a few weeks, then months went by I realised that I didn't have much to talk about here anymore, what with there being so many other awesome animation blogs out there.

Today though, I realised that there are some things I can post about, which will hopefully be interesting for old and new readers.

Firstly, let me fill you in on this giant gap...

Before I could even complete the Animation Mentor Animals & Creatures Master Class, I was contacted by SquareZero in London to help them with some creature animation - so the course definitely worked!

It was a very short contract but when it was over I was contacted by TT Fusion to join their animation department and work on the LEGO Movie Video Game. I was there for around 10 months until animation wrapped up.

At the time of writing now, I am working for Lockwood Studios in Nottingham.

All of this experience has been incredible and I am so thankful for all the opportunities. That's what brings me to my reason for picking up the blog again. I think that I can continue to share useful tips, tricks and information no matter how big or small as a way of helping other and keep an archive for me to refer to later, as was the original intention of this blog.

12 February 2013

Animals & Creatures 2 - Week 6

This is the last pass of the Dragon Flight assignment that I submit to my mentor, and probably the pass that be in my showreel, unless there are some easy changes to make.